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Secret Tips to find Super Treasure Hunt Hotwheels

I talk a lot about K-mart days, Hotwheels, and Treasure Hunts. I can go on and on but here is a quick post on some secret tips to finding both the Super Treasure Hunt and regular Treasure Hunts for Hotwheels. They are hard to find but that is what makes it so exciting to participate in the K-mart days event as you have a better chance of finding them here.

The following are my secret tips to improving your chances.

The first thing is to be sure and get there early. I always do my best to get there before the store even opens. The reason is because there are only so many boxes and they only give tickets to the first 18 people. You want to be in the first group  of 18 to get the treasure hunts. IF your not in the 1st group, the TH cars will be gone. That’s the main reason for being there. 😉

The next thing is; For the Super TH, you gotta make sure that on the car itself it has a ‘ TH ‘ somewhere on the body, most likely toward the rear and side of the car. The card of Super TH will NOT indicate that it is any sort of Treasure Hunt, regular or super.

You know to look for a 71 Dodge Challenger in blue for the February 2012 event. The basic car is gonna be blue but it will say ‘  TA ‘ on the back quarter of the car and is NOT the Super TH. The Super TH will have Rubber wheels and the regular car has basic wheels that aren’t rubber. It’ll be a little tricky to find the Super TH but the regular treasure hunts will say Treasure Hunt on the card and on the car too. The regular treasure hunts are a little easier to find and you know to look for the Tyrell in red and white..looks like an indy car sort of. You know, an open-wheel race car type.

I’ll update the blog with my results for tomorrow’s event and share that with you. I hope you’ll give it a try and attend this event.
I’ll be thinking of you for tomorrow. I wish you the best of luck. Remember, have fun!



P.S. Here is a list of all participating K-mart stores;



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  1. Bill Drury

    Found Three Kool; Kombi 73/250 But dont find any TH markings Where are they marked TH

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